Customer Comments

What satisfied customers are saying about Telecom Source:

“Extremely low cost, superb customer service and high reliability — what more do you want? I have been a satisfied customer of Telecom Source for many years.”
— R.K. , Zurich

“Over our twelve years in Zürich my husband and I have been very happy with the level and cost of service offered by Telecom Source. Mr. Turin has provided us with immediate, friendly, and personalized assistance for telephone services, travel cards, and computer connections. In fact, we have recommended his services to all our friends and colleagues and will continue to make maximum use of them ourselves.”
— Moni Hamolsky

“I have been a happy customer of Telecom Source since 1996. I receive an efficient product, more than competitive with other providers and backed by excellent service and attentive management. My demands of cost, time and reliability have always been met.”
— Roy Skinner, an Australian in Switzerland (writer and speaker)

“The customer service is excellent compared with the other big telecoms. I also appreciate Dan Turin for his concern, availability and readiness when needed. I can highly recommend Telecom Source services without reservation.”
— Dr. Louis Adhihetty